Swiss Army Camping

Swiss Army Knives or SAK for short are iconic items, even the person that doesn't care about tools or knives will recognize one, and their fame isn't without reason, they are great tools, sturdy, compact (to some extent) and will get most of your daily tasks done with problems.
This Camping model was my first EDC item, still as a 13 year old kid, my father gifted me it, he used to carry it with him for many years, hence it's an older model, the newer Camping models are somewhat different to this one, with 10 functions, plus the toothpick and tweezers, it haves more than you need for most tasks, probably my most used items where the blade itself, the scissors and the bottle opener.
Being a vintage item, my first item and a gift from my father I no longer carry it daily for multiple reasons, conserving it being the primary one, it's also quite heavy for daily use and a smaller multitool will do most things for less cons, still it's quite a worthy and elegant tool itself.

  1. Sturdy, being a kid when I first got it, I Was kinda reckless with it, it was use for cutting wood, aluminium, cutting boardpaper, sharping rocks, besides scratches on the blades, there isn't any other signs of use
  2. Durable, mine has been inside a box for around 10 years before I was gifted it, a night sitting on oil and it was just like new, zero rust and opening smoothly
  3. Versatile, some functions can be easily used for other purposes than their main
  1. Heavy and take pocket space
  2. Need to be periodically oiled and cleaned or it will jam
  3. A good multitool will do everything it does on a more compact and slim design
  4. Models that aren't entry usually can cost a lot