Ontario RAT-1

After having quite a few national made or chinese blades I finally started looking onto more expensive ones, and the RAT-1 caught my attention for it's price and simplicity, it's not a fancy knife you'll be too afraid to damage, but it's also not a cheap knife you can't rely a 100% on it.
The blade haves a simple design, 5" linerlock, made with AUS8 stainless black finish blade with G10 grips, it's a really solid blade, I never had any problems with the safety at all and tested some of it, it comes with a lanyard hole but I never used it, I got the version with black handles and black finish blade, there are several versions with different colors, and even the RAT-2 which is basically the same blade, but a bit smaller, personally I don't think it's worth it and I'd rather stick with the RAT-1.
It's been my main carry blade for about a year now, never had any problems with it, no rust at all, it's a perfect, cheap and solid blade that will take some abuses without problems.


  1. Cheap for the quality
  2. The size is just perfect, not too big on my hands, but not too small
  3. Great finish, even after a year the black painting on the blade itself is still intact
  1. Linerlock safety, it's the only "con" I can think of, personally I'm not a big fan of it but it's quite reliable, maybe I've just got too used to Axis Locks after years of carrying Ganzo models