Fenix E35 Ultimate Edition

A flashlight is probably a quite underlooked item when it comes to your daily carry, it can be more useful than it seems at first, looking for things in the dark, under furniture or during blackouts
Fenix is a well known flashlight brand, their models range from cheap starter models to the most expensive ones, the E35 stands somewhere between that, but maybe bending more on the expensive side, I actually think it's somewhat expensive but I got it on a nice 50% off deal during Black Friday in 2015
It's powered by either a single 18650 battery or two CR123s, I've always used it with 18650 so I can't tell if there's any difference in battery life when using CR123s, it comes with different brightness levels: Low (50 lumens), Medium (150 lumens), High (450 lumens), you switch between the levels quickly tapping the power button, but if you hold it for a few seconds you will get the "Turbo" mode (900-1000 lumens) while holding the button, it's really bright and will make the surface hot if you keep it on for a long time, and drain your battery life but it's a great mode to light up a whole pitch dark area
The only complaints I have about this flashlight is the sideways button, if might get activated inside your pocket on some rare ocasions, it happened with me just once, when I Was sitting and having some weight on my lap, a model with a back button would be perfect to both fix that and be easier to light it up immediately after reaching from the pocket, sometimes you struggle a bit turning it sideways to find the button.


  1. A good range of brightness levels
  2. Powered by both a single 18650 or two CR123s
  3. Water and impact resistance
  4. Great battery life
  1. Lacks a pocket clip, but you can adapt clips from other Fenix models to it
  2. Lateral button can get activated inside pockets or be hard to find in some situations
  3. It's quite big, not a big problem for me, but with smaller pockets it can get tight